Food and Drinks at The Field
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Sporting Events

Sat, Nov 29 Soccer

English premier League

Manchester Utd v Hull City @ 7.00 am

Liverpool v Stoke @ 7.00 am
Sunderland v Chelsea @ 9.30 am
Happy Hour

Sat, Nov 29 Rugby


England v Australia @ 6.30 am

Wales v South Africa @ 8.30 am ( delayed)
Happy Hour
$20 cover per day for Rugby

Bay Bridge Run Sporting Events at The Field

The Field is THE place to watch the game!

Make The Field your place to cheer on your team whether you come if for Monday night football, Padre games, or special pay-per-view soccer games!

Games will be shown on our flat screen TV and big screen TV.

Charger Fans Sporting Events on TVs